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Registering for online billing

Important: If you register for online billing, you will no longer receive a paper bill. Each month, you will receive an e-mail notifying you that your bill is accessible in the My online bill section of the website.

Have your 20-digit customer account number ready; you will find your number at the top of your bill and on the payment slip. 
Note : The first 10 digit represent customer number and the last 10 digit account number.

Click on Register, and complete the following mandatory fields:
User name: The name you will be using to access your account. It is important not to forget it. 
First name and last name: The full name of the person registering for My online bill.
Display name: The name that will appear on the e-mail messages you receive.
E-mail address: The address to which messages about your online bill will be sent.

Security code
Copy the series of characters provided into the appropriate box.

Verification code
To complete your registration, click on the Register link at the bottom of the page. In a few minutes, you will receive an e-mail confirming your registration and the verification code required to initiate your first session.

Change user information
From the Your profile section, under the Manage user Credentials tab, you can change any field. When you have done so, it is important to confirm the changes by clicking on the Update button.

Change password
From the Your profile section, under the Manage password tab, you can easily change your password. The current password will have to be entered.

Check your online bill

View details of bills for the current year
The left-hand column of the Billing date and details table lists your bills for the current year in chronological order. Click on any billing date to see the information found in the Details of your bill section of your paper bill.

View your bill in electronic format
Your bills in electronic format are listed and archived in the right-hand column of the table, under Online bill. Your electronic bills in PDF format are accessible and archived only from the date of your registration for online billing.

Print an electronic bill
You can print your electronic bill in PDF format on any printer, and if you wish, save it to a personal folder.

Billing history
In the Billing history section, you can check the details of your bills that have been archived since September 2009. Electronic bills in PDF format are available and archived only from the date of your registration for online billing.

Select other customer accounts
If you have more than one active account with Gazifère, you can select and view each of them. From the Select an account section, select the account you wish to check. The first 10 digits of a customer account number identify the customer, and the last 10 identify the service address.

Note: The account numbers listed in the table match the last 10 digits of your account or accounts with Gazifère.

Payer votre facture
Le site de la facture en ligne de Gazifère ne propose aucune option de paiement. Comme avant, vous pouvez vous acquitter de votre facture via la boîte de dépôt de nuit, par la poste, ou encore par l’entremise de votre institution financière (comptoir, site Web ou service téléphonique).

IMPORTANT - Si vous payez votre facture par chèque, vous devrez indiquer votre numéro de compte (20 chiffres) au dos de votre chèque, ou encore, imprimer votre facture en format PDF et y joindre le talon de paiement qui se trouve au bas de votre facture.

Pay your bill
Gazifère’s online billing site does not offer a payment option. As before, you can pay your bill at our offices, by mail or through your financial institution (at the counter, at the website or by telephone).

If you are paying by cheque – IMPORTANT
If you are paying by cheque, write your 20-digit account number on the back of your cheque, or print your bill in PDF format and attach it to the payment slip at the bottom of your bill.

End a session
To end each session in a secure manner, click on the Log out button at the bottom of the page, to the right.

Once settled at your new address, you will have to re-register for Gazifère’s online billing. When you move, Gazifère assigns you a new account number (the last 10 digits of the customer account number identify the new service address). You should use your new 20-digit account number when re-registering. Your new account number will appear on the first paper bill you receive at your new address. You can also obtain your new account number by calling our Customer Service Department at 819-771-8321, and pressing 6.

If you wish to use the same user name and password at your new address as you did at the old one, log in as usual to the My online billing site, and in the Your profile section, under the Manage user Credentials tab, click on the UnRegister button. You can then re--register with your new account number.

Using your new online billing account, you will still be able to view the details of the archived bills for your accounts at previous addresses. To view your previous accounts, go to the Select an account section.